The Canadian Prairie Chapter of the Irrigation Association was formed in March of 2001. Board members will be elected every year, except for the Presidents position which will be automatically filled by the previous years Vice-president. For more information you can visit the website at www.irrigation.org.


Canadian Prairie Chapter of the Irrigation Association mission, to promote efficient and effective water management and be the voice of the irrigation industry for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


Targeting four areas, the IA plays a significant role and provides leadership to:

Interact with private organizations, governmental agencies and other interested associations in the development of legislation and regulations to properly and appropriately ensure both the availability, quality and accessibility of water supplies for, or affected by, irrigation and the efficacy of trade policies;
Deliver authoritative educational programs to increase public awareness of water management issues, provide professional certifications for irrigation practitioners, including those in irrigation-related disciplines and ensure the access to research data pertinent to industry practices and products;
Represent the diverse parties and interests involved in irrigation as an effective catalyst and umbrella organization for outreach, communication and coordination; and,
Recommend internationally recognized standards and guidelines dealing with irrigation-related products, engineering applications and practices.

Contact Information

Canadian Prairie Chapter of the Irrigation Association
Box 1521, Station T
Calgary, AB
T2H 3A3
Phone: 403.828.5134
Email: info@irrigationalberta.org

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Box 1521, Station T I Calgary, Alberta I T2H 3A3 I Tel: 403.828.5134 I info@cpcia.ca
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