Education Week 2016 Recap

educationOur 2016 Education Week was held at Olds College a little later than usual on April 13th to 17th in order to allow companies to bring train up their new hires.

The event was another success with 72 individuals taking part even though the weather was so nice many people wanted to be out working. Hard to predict the weather!

We ran seven classes: Principles of Irrigation-Landscape, Landscape Irrigation Design, Advanced Irrigation Design for Water, Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance, Electrical Trouble Shooting, Irrigation Contractor, Advanced Irrigation Wiring and Trouble Shooting.  Ultimately, there was not enough interest for the HDPE class in 2015 so we are trying again this year ,for April 20, space is limited, with lunch to be provided.

The next Education Week is set for Feb 6th to Feb 8th. Please visit download a Course 2017 List and sign up form to sign up early and save.


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