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and all the Gold and Silver sponsors!


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and all of our Bronze Sponsors!

Sponsorships Available for 2017 Education Week!

Interested in raising awareness of your company? Good news!

There are still sponsorships and speaking slots available for the 2017 Annual Education Week at Deerfoot Inn & Casino!


1 Speaker spot is available for $200.00.

  • Receive a 45 minute time slot for product and company discussion during our show.
  • During this time, you will be given the podium for discussion or presentation of your company services or products
  • CPCIA will schedule and promote this for you
  • The timeslot itself will be based on availability. Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors will receive the first choices


If you’re interesting in a Sponsorship or Speaker Spot, please contact Terry Ormord at terry.ormrod@toro.com or (250) 851-1341

Get a Grant for Your Irrigation Training!

Job training can be expensive, but the Canada-Alberta Job Grant program is here to help!

Apply for a grant by January 2nd, 2017 to save 66% on your training costs!

Apply and learn more here.



Note: The Canada-Alberta Job Grant Office will be close from December 24, 2016 to January 3rd, 2017. During this time, they will not be responding to calls, emails or mail. If you have any questions for them, make sure to contact them before Christmas Eve.

Smart Irrigation Month Proclamations

British Columbia Smart Irrigation Month: July

July: Smart Irrigation Month in British Columbia

Calgary Smart Irrigation Month: July

July: Smart Irrigation Month in Calgary

Kamloops Smart Irrigation Month: July

July: Smart Irrigation Month in Kamloops

Upcoming Activities


Tradeshow and AGM February 10, 2017

Education week Feb 6-9 at Deerfoot Inn and Casino, Calgary

Exams Feb 24, Water Centre Calgary

Education Opportunities

Speakers Updated in Brochure

This year’s Education Week is Feb 6 – 9, with an HDPE course being held later that month. The education classes are a great way to earn CEU’s and upgrade your knowledge and skills. Choose from any of the seven classes offered ranging from beginner to advance to meet the needs of those just starting out in the industry and experienced irrigation professionals. Each class is geared towards teaching you practical skills and knowledge you can implement immediately – in the office and in the field.


Registration for a full-day course, or two half-day courses on the same day, include a hot lunch from the Deerfoot Inn & Casino complimentary of the CPCIA!


>> To register for any of the CPCIA courses, click here.


There is also an exam date, Feb 24, for those individuals looking to earn certifications; adding credibility to your portfolio and increasing job opportunities. The exam requires separate registration, please visit www.irrigation.org/exams. Deadline: Feb 11, 2017.

For information about your CEU (Continuing Education Units) cycle, contact the IA office at Certification@irrigation.org or call 703.536.7080.

You can find out what the activities and requirements are for qualifying for CEU’s by going to Certification or to find out what counts for CEU’s please click on WHAT COUNTS.

A copy of the qualifying activities and requirements can also be downloaded by clicking the attached link: CEU Qualifying Activities and Requirements

Remember CEU’s can be submitted online at no charge, or be mailed or faxed to the IA for a US$25 processing fee. Further reading on AI site >>


  1. The IA Course week is running in Feb, 2017.
  2. CPCIA AGM – Feb. 10, 2017
  3. Green Show – Nov. 18-19, 2016 Edmonton. CPCIA had a display. Thanks to Myles for manning the booth.

Thank you to:

  • The City of Calgary
  • Regency Irrigation
  • Ion Irrigation
  • Exact ET

for sending volunteers to the event booth this year in support of the CPCIA


Booth for CPCIA

Sun and Salsa in Kensington, Calgary


The Canadian Prairie Chapter of the Irrigation Association

New President’s Message

Canadian Prairie Chapter Irrigation Association

2016 President Ken Vowels

As the new president for the CPCIA, I would to take this opportunity to thank our 2015 board of directors and volunteers. Without their dedication and many hours of hard work there wouldn’t be a CPCIA. I would also like to welcome our newest board members, as we are very excited they decided to join the board. They bring new energy and expertise to our association that will ultimately benefit our members, and we look forward to working with them.

2016 brings renewed focus on expanding our membership, territory, and association with other institutions, and government bodies. Our alignment with these bodies have been in the works for many months, and I am confident that our work will come to fruition with great success. Our past president Shane Williams spearheaded our alignment with Olds College, and it will be very exciting to hold our annual education week at this renowned facility. Taking this grass roots approach, we expect even greater opportunities to come with this alignment that will not only yield new members, but additional benefits to our existing members.

I honestly believe that 2016 is going to be a very exciting year for the CPCIA. We are striving to improve our board’s operations and communications, while finding new ways to support our members through professional development, association, education, and community involvement. In this economic climate, I feel there is no better time for our members to get involved, get certified, and promote themselves as the professionals they are. I’m very excited to be associated with the CPCIA and look forward to a fantastic year for all involved.

President’s Message

oie_8FyxNqbcUry0Well another has gone by and I  often wonder, where did the summer go?   I know most were very happy about the extended spring that we saw in 2015 and for the most part the summer was uneventful as far as the weather goes. I do hope everyone is getting a bit of a rest in order to be ready to go in spring of 2016.

This year has been another good year for the CPCIA.    As always the board kept busy with a few new items and a few perennial events. The spring of 2015 saw us attend a few high school career fairs and deliver our annual Education week with a welcomed increase in  sponsorships. This fall saw us back at the Green Show which was nice to have in Calgary this year. Recently we have been hard at work again to plan the AGM event and 2016’s Education Week and certification exams. We are also working to provide HDPE courses and as well as some CIC pre-examination training. We certainly hope you will join us! I would like to thank the Board of Director for their tireless help and the assistance of all our volunteers.  Remember if you are interested in helping please drop us a line at info@cpcia.ca.    Lastly I would like to welcome Ken Vowels as the incoming new President, I must say I am excited to see Ken take over. I believe that Ken has the ability to take it to the next level.


2017 AGM – February 10

Kick-off the morning with the CPCIA board by joining us for a FREE BREAKFAST. This year, we are hosting our Annual General Meeting at the Water Centre, 625 – 25 Avenue SE Calgary, AB. Members and non-members are more than welcome to attend this free half-day networking event.



Education Week 2016 Recap

educationOur 2016 Education Week was held at Olds College a little later than usual on April 13th to 17th in order to allow companies to bring train up their new hires.

The event was another success with 72 individuals taking part even though the weather was so nice many people wanted to be out working. Hard to predict the weather!

We ran seven classes: Principles of Irrigation-Landscape, Landscape Irrigation Design, Advanced Irrigation Design for Water, Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance, Electrical Trouble Shooting, Irrigation Contractor, Advanced Irrigation Wiring and Trouble Shooting.  Ultimately, there was not enough interest for the HDPE class in 2015 so we are trying again this year ,for April 20, space is limited, with lunch to be provided.

The next Education Week is set for Feb 6th to Feb 8th. Please visit download a Course 2017 List and sign up form to sign up early and save.


Green Industry Show

GreenShowActionShotThe Green industry show was held at the BMO Centre in Calgary this year on November 19th and 20th.    By all accounts it was a success and worth our time.   Big thanks go out to Myles Sidorak, Darren Kovacs, Helen Gitzel, Shane Williams, Robert Preston and Aaron Boulton-Chaykowski for attending and organizing the event for us. Next year the event is back in Edmonton on  November 17th and 18th. If you are interested in joining us and helping out at the booth please contact us.


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